Busy Tuesday

August 19, 2008

Home grown apples and vegies from the garden on Samsø.

In my own kichen garden a chili pepper is on it’s way. Now I have one green tomato and one green chili.

8 Responses to “Busy Tuesday”

  1. lea Says:

    oh they look so good! and sounds exiting with the chili pepper : )
    mine is still only plant.

  2. Morten Says:

    Oh what heavenly feast could not emerge from this battery of vegetables!

  3. Sussi Says:

    what is the green thing?

  4. brinja Says:

    I don’t remember the name but it’s related to squash. I can’t find it in my food-cyclopedia either…
    I have to ask my dads wife, she’will know!

  5. ago Says:

    And certainly she does. It is called a Zappalito, and on the seeds sachet (frøposen) they also call them winter squash. The meat is more orange-yellow than the usual (summer) squash. So much for botany for now.

  6. brinja Says:

    See… told you!

  7. brinja Says:

    Thanks Olsen.

  8. ne Says:

    olsen knows it all

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