September 1, 2008

Miniature version of a newspaper 1:12.

7 Responses to “Politikken”

  1. lea Says:

    that is so sweet, do you scan them and then scale them down?

  2. brinja Says:

    No It is just simple a cut-out from a newspaper.
    From one of the adds where they try to sell them…

  3. Morten Says:

    Brinja, take a look at this page. The funny old lady also wrote a book.

  4. brinja Says:

    Woow, that lady is definitely more crazy than I am!

  5. Morten Says:

    Hehe, its also quite fun. In all her miniatures there are clues to tell you how the person died. They where used to teach Forensic science in its early days.
    Those where the only miniatures I knew of (aside from doll houses) before you started making one.
    I guess you can understand why I think it has a creepy touch to it :)

  6. brinja Says:

    I’m starting to understand

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