Bad habit

September 23, 2008

I am afraid I’m getting addicted to these cream puffs from “summerbird”, they are fantastic.

6 Responses to “Bad habit”

  1. Morten Says:

    Couldn’t you take a bite down the middle so we all can see what’s inside?

  2. brinja Says:

    Next time -I promise!

  3. Morten Says:

    Jeg sidder her og bliver meget lækker sulten.

  4. Morten Says:

    woops, I suddently swapped into danish.
    I guess Susi’s danish course is having its effect :)

    What I ment was that watching this photo makes my sweet tooth cry out ‘Morten, go get some’.

  5. brinja Says:

    They are terrible, it’s the exact same effect they have on me. That was how it all started…

  6. ago Says:

    It looks like it is the big ones – shame on you! Don’t you know that gluttony is one of the deadly sins?
    I am more modest so I went down to Summerbird and bought some of the small ones – as a matter of fact a whole package of them – so perhaps I should get off the high horse.

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