Brinja København by night

October 31, 2008

Setting the clock for winter time really messed up my feeling of day and night.

It’s dark when I go home from work…

7 Responses to “Brinja København by night”

  1. oh i hate changing the time to wintertime! it was so great when we were in iceland where they don’t change it! Its going to be dark anyway -so an hour wouldn’t help either!

  2. lea Says:

    looks cozy in the shop when it’s dark outside. but i also find it a bit depressing when it gets dark at 15.30

  3. brinja Says:

    Didn’t know that about Iceland. I guess you are right. It is going to be dark either way, why all the fuss…

  4. brinja Says:

    Accually it is very cosy in the shop when it is dark outside. I like it. It’s just the feeling of having no day left when I close up witch is a bit sad…

  5. Morten Says:

    Daylight saving time was introduced to save energy. As far as I know. I bet WikiPedia could scratch my itch.

  6. Morten Says:

    Come to think of it I think Winter time is the real time. and Summer is the fake. So it would be fun if people on Iceland are living after the fake time :)

  7. Morten Says:

    I like the idea of daylight saving time.
    For several reasons in fact.

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