Argh… Headline headline headline

November 26, 2008

Any good ideas on how to decorate the shop windows for christmas?  I’ve did a big-red-bow theme for the last cuple of years and I think it’s about time to do something new.



2 Responses to “Argh… Headline headline headline”

  1. I say use you magnificent ability to create miniature versions of the things about you, put it in the window, and place a huge looking glass in front of it, so people will have to come close to look at it.

    Perhaps an Alice in Wonderland/Through the looking glass theme?

    And perhaps something big and red as a backdrop, so it looks very christmassy.

    In any event, I’m sure your miniatures will draw a big crowd – not least among the kids in the area. I predict kindergarten field trips to your store. So even if you don’t do it for Christmas, do it at another time of the year;O)

  2. Morten Says:

    Thats a great idea. Though it does sound time consuming to do.

    How about this:
    Put nissehats[1] on all of the mannequins and make a huge paper star and
    make one of the mannequins hold it.

    [1] For none Scandinavians

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