March 14, 2009


Yubii yubii yay! -the sky is bright and shiny and I’m gonna wear my purple shoes for the first time this year…

Even though Anders isen’t  going to work today he got out of bed early and made me a big breakfast and I have spend my morning eating and doing some planning for next week.

Gotta go -see you later!


6 Responses to “Saturday”

  1. Sigga Says:

    Lots of plans, do you have time to se your sister?

  2. lea Says:

    håber du har haft en god weekend – jeg har tagget dig, hi hi.

  3. lea Says:

    ups jeg mener har en god weekend, den er ikke slut endnu!

  4. brinja Says:

    Tak for tag, hvor spændende!
    Ja, for mig er weekenden først lige begyndt:-)

  5. Maike Says:

    breakfast is really the best. Of course even better if someone is making it for you ;)
    It is the first time I am on your blog and I looked through everything and have to say I really like your style of dressing! :)

  6. brinja Says:

    Maike: Thank you so much -I’m glad you like it!

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