Love and Marriage

March 28, 2009


I was looking through old pictures and I found this one of my brother (Niller) my sister (Sigga) and I. The picture is taken  in “Kongens have” , a park in Copenhagen right next to where we grew up. I’m the little one in the middle. The three of us have always been a great team.


Another project of mine,  from the endless list, is a collection of bridal couples on their wedding day -couples that I am somehow raleted to.

So far it dosen’t look like much, but I have just had my grandma on the phone and now my collection is gonna  grow bigger very soon…  You’ll get the details and close-ups when the “exhibition” expands. For now this is what you get:-)

Still working on the web-shop, getting closer though…

8 Responses to “Love and Marriage”

  1. ne Says:

    very nice

  2. lea Says:

    such a great photo, you all look so cute : )
    good idea with the collection of wedding photos.

  3. brinja Says:

    Ne: Indeed…
    Lea: Thanks, I’m pretty happy with the wedding photo idea, exciting how it turnes out?

  4. Susi Says:

    what a nice photo! Sigga hasn’t changed a bit. too bad you can’t see your and your brother’s face a bit better. but one thing i can tell – you’ve definitely developed your sense of fashion at a very young age =)

  5. brinja Says:

    Yeah, the three of us are pretty high fashion in our 80’ties look, hihi.

  6. Rynke Says:

    I love these kind of collections…can’t wait to see a close up!

  7. Sigga Says:

    Hihihi hvor sjov, du er jo total tjækket!

  8. […] there are few new Wedding pictures in the collection -still more to come […]

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