One more reason to visit Bryggen…

May 14, 2009




These pictures are from a café at Bryggen (the area where my shop is) called “Nose Wise” -which, if you translate directly from the Danish word “næsvis”, means something like cheeky…  Did this make any sense at all?

Well, it’s a word play!

Anyway -the point is that they make excellent coffee and very yummy sandwiches. You can go here and read more! (in Danish -sorry)

3 Responses to “One more reason to visit Bryggen…”

  1. i like that place too. when we got married we got a gift certificate for brunch and bubbles! really really gooood brunch

  2. srg85 Says:

    Just checked out the link… Man, that place sounds cozy! When ever you’re up for a rye bread sandwich – I’m ready!

  3. […] coffee dates are the best! Sigga,  Niller, the two little girls and I met up at ‘Nose wise’ today. In this picture is Uncle Niller and April. Posted by brinja Filed in Family Leave a […]

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