What I wore this week…

May 15, 2009


So Friday is, up and I am all packed up and ready to go to Prague with my friends…

I’m bringing “My” but I’m not sure about internet -so I might be posting while I’m gone, might not.

Note: To see previous weeks; go here and here!

6 Responses to “What I wore this week…”

  1. srg85 Says:

    Wow, that’s the best week so far! You look stunning!
    I have trouble deciding between MOnday, Wednesday and Friday!
    I hope you and your friends have a wonderful trip! looking forward to hearing all the stories and seeing pictures!

  2. Anders Says:


  3. lina Says:

    friday is my favorite! ooo & monday!

    have a blast in prague brinja!!

  4. Sam Says:

    Cute, interesting outfits! I love that you do this once a week – it’s fun!

  5. Rynke Says:

    I like them all, but I love the Tuesday hat!

  6. Emilia Says:

    Have a wonderfull trip, remember to take loads of photos!! I’ve never been, so can’t wait to see them!

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