Miniature magazines and newspapers

June 14, 2009

I wish could escape into my miniature universe more often…





There is not enough miniature posts on this blog any more… Go here to see more pictures of my mini-home project!

6 Responses to “Miniature magazines and newspapers”

  1. Maike Says:

    this is really stunning! absolutly amazing ..

  2. Jeg er meget meget imponeret over alle de små detaljer du har med!

  3. srg85 Says:

    I’m still waiting for a mini-Brinja and a mini-Anders to move into your mini-home!

  4. Rynke Says:

    You are so cool to have this miniature project!

  5. greenlaundry Says:

    my jaw is on the table… this blew my mind, you blew my mind!

  6. andi Says:

    This is awesome! For some reason I love miniature stuff too. They are just too cute. I recently found this blog about the adventures of two teeth: It’s really cute and has lots of miniature stuff too :)

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