Pretty pastel…

June 15, 2009





1: My sister Sigga wearing a fabulous vintage summer dress.

2: My girlfriend Sara drinking tea and wearing pretty chewing gum-pink nail polish.

3: An old shelf above my dining room table and postcards from the 60ties. I found shelf+postcards on a flea marked last week.

4: A member of the “Brinja Kbh” staff, I call her Betina! Mostly she just stands there… posing.

8 Responses to “Pretty pastel…”

  1. srg85 Says:

    Those three girls really have style!
    And I really like all your flea marked founds – the shelf has an awesome color!

  2. smellybecauseitrhymes Says:

    i like it.

  3. lina Says:

    love that tea cup!
    & those nails:]

  4. Maike Says:

    everything looks really nice and exactly my style .. funny :))

  5. Brit Says:

    That tea cup is very cute! :) You have such a fun blog!

  6. Rynke Says:

    Betina has a nice outfit! As does your sister!

  7. shayne Says:

    I found your blog today through design sponge. while I had it up on my computer I walked away and my 5 year old daughter saw it and fell in LOVE. we spent the next hour and a half paging through looking at all the photos and she practiced her reading by reading every post heading. we enjoyed our time together with you today, thank you

  8. shayne Says:

    sorry, correction, found you though peapod.

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