This is my wonderful little sister!

June 21, 2009

My little sister Hildur has just graduated ninth grade and is of to high school after this summer. -My big sister Sigga and I decided to treat her with a Sunday of just us girls, to celebrate her last day of school and that she has done fantastic in all her exams! -Hildur is an amazing little book-worm:)

We had so much fun doing photos of Hildur posing as a model -On these pictures she is wearing clothes from my shop. – Tomorrow I’ll show you some pictures of her wearing clothes from Siggas shop


9 Responses to “This is my wonderful little sister!”

  1. sigga Says:

    Hurra hvor er det bare fint:-) Tak for en dejlig dag. jeg er helt udmattet af alt den friske luft!

  2. leabolvig Says:

    hvor ser hun bare mega godt ud! ser ud som i har haft en fantastisk dag!

  3. ne Says:

    shit en lækker søster!

  4. Morten Says:

    ne it’s getting harder and harder to choose a favorite sister of yours.
    Brinja, you are still in the lead though – you even have your very own category on my facebook friends overview.

  5. lina Says:

    these photos are super cute! congratulations to your sister!

    two sisters both own shops? wow! that’s really neat:]

  6. Rynke Says:

    That sounds like fun! Your sister looks so cute! :)

  7. srg85 Says:

    I like the little collage of yours! Hildur looks great!
    Is that a trailer in the back?

  8. epe Says:

    wow! cool pictures brinja! i want to see more!

  9. brinja Says:

    Lina: Yeps -two sisters both own shops:)

    Susi: It’s some kind of old auto camper I think -we took these pictures at the area “Nokken”… There are lots of pretty handmade houses and funny old boats + trailers:) I really like this area…

    Epe: coming up!

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