Living in Berlin…

July 4, 2009









This is K’s cosy Berlin apartment. -Can you blame me for feeling right at home?

14 Responses to “Living in Berlin…”

  1. lina Says:

    i am REALLY likeing all of your photos from berlin!!

  2. Hanna Says:

    I LOVE everything about the kitchen and your photos are beautiful!

  3. gracia Says:

    You are right, that looks so very, very cosy. I long for a similar kitchen table. Our kitchen is too tiny for more than a stove, fridge and sink… one day I hope to squeeze in a tiny table and just sit.

  4. Rynke Says:

    It’s lovely!

  5. sigga Says:

    Søsterlil, jeg SAVNER dig!!!

  6. epe Says:

    great pictures, especialy the map one! :)

  7. trinsch Says:

    looks like home :)

  8. K Says:

    Tænk at bo så dejligt et sted … Tak for besøget B og A!

  9. Brit Says:

    What a very nice apartment! Great shots you got of the place…!

  10. kelly Says:

    love that sweet little kitchen :) xo

  11. what a shame i wasn’t in berlin when you were there… am back now. would be fab to meet you for a coffee the next time you’re over!

  12. […] our time in berlin we stayed at our friend K’s house – thanks K!! a very cosy apartment in kreuzberg. more friend’s were in berlin at the same time which only added to the fun. we […]

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  14. […] friend Kristian doesn’t live in Berlin any more but we met up with Niller who was there for a congress and a […]

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