Monday in my shop…

July 20, 2009




It has been a rainy Monday today… Feels like all the people in my neighbourhood is away on holiday -both at Bryggen and at home, the whole world is so calm and quiet -and I like it…

I bought these new pillows, at a marked in Warsaw  for my bench in front of the shop. I had to sew ribbons on them and tie them to the bench because it’s so windy at the harbour and they would surely  fly away in a second.

8 Responses to “Monday in my shop…”

  1. Same kind of weather here too! Summer arrived in London for one week and has now left…. I hope the weather perks up in Denmark as we are coming there for our first wedding anniversary on August 2nd!

  2. Gabbi Says:

    Your shop looks lovely, the pillows are adorable… such pretty fabrics!

  3. epe Says:

    beautiful pillows! :)

  4. fantastiske puder! dem er jeg helt vild med

  5. srg85 Says:

    The pillows are perfect for your shop-bench! May employees sit on them? ;-)

  6. Sam Says:

    Gosh! I’d give anything to come over to your shop right now for a visit! It’s so pretty – the new cushions are lovely!

  7. brinja Says:

    Oh, I hope so too! how exciting…-Happy anniversary!

  8. Sigga Says:

    Saa hyggelige og fine

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