Miniature leather sofa…

August 9, 2009






10 Responses to “Miniature leather sofa…”

  1. jimmy Says:

    Hahaha nice

  2. i really admire your patience – and the result is amazing! such a fabulous project.

  3. Gabbi Says:

    Amazing!!! I love your new miniature couch and the whole concept of your mini-apartment (as you already know). Thank you so much for sharing… such a genius idea.

  4. Alice Says:

    Wow! Looks exactly like your couch! Such craftsmanship and hardwork! You should also make a Brinja doll to to sit on the couch. Then it can be an exclusive Brinja item! :)

  5. rudegirls Says:


  6. ne Says:

    puderne i siden – skulle de ikke gå helt ned? og hvad med sofaben? og nåja, så mangler der et miniature-Anders-aftryk i midten ;)

    problemet med en miniature-Brinja ville være at der skulle laves nyt miniature-tøj til den mindst en gang om dagen…

  7. Sam Says:

    This project has to be the grooviest one in existence!! Fantastic stuff!!

  8. epe Says:

    you are a really great artist brinja!
    congratulations for your beautiful mini-world!

  9. Rynke Says:

    Yessss, great again!

  10. […] thing in the mini-home that needs replacement is the sofa. When I was pregnant I became aware of how bad it was to sit in. For a few weeks we pushed it aside […]

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