Beautiful beautiful garlic…

August 26, 2009



My dad and stepmom have created the most wonderful garden ever by their house on a small Danish island called Samsø. They grow asparaguses, onions, potatoes, apples, herbs, cherries, garlic and lots of other things…

-Sometimes they bring home little miracles like this beautiful bundle of garlic!

6 Responses to “Beautiful beautiful garlic…”

  1. sandra Says:

    oh that is so great, makes me happy just looking at the pictures :)

  2. fanny Says:

    oh you’re so luck, this garlic looks perfect. xx

  3. Sam Says:

    What a charming photo of garlic you have here!! I checked out your Dad and stepmom’s photos – gorgeous!!

  4. rudegirls Says:

    Hurra hvor er de fine:) Nam nam

  5. Gabbi Says:

    Beautiful is right! I’ve never seen garlic still attached to the plant like that :)

  6. Alice Says:

    Not only is the garlic beautiful…but is is so delicious! I love garlic. :)

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