Hello Monday…

September 7, 2009


Monday again so soon, huh? This weekend was way to short -brilliant, but way to short!

Anders and I have been watching episodes of “Mad men” on dvd for way to many hours last night, so I´m not really awake just yet…

6 Responses to “Hello Monday…”

  1. rudegirls Says:

    Var den ik bare go?

  2. lina Says:

    aahh yes, mad men. i love the clothes they wear!

  3. Hey,

    love your polkadots,lol
    and we also love Mad Men

  4. brinja Says:

    Sigga: Jo, den er alletiders, så fint tøj!

  5. rudegirls Says:

    Haps et dejligt æble:)

  6. kristimoore Says:

    such a fun photo.
    love the colors and the “everyday-ness” of it.

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