Home alone!

September 15, 2009







Anders took over the shop this afternoon and I have been having a lovely day at home relaxing.

The light in our apartment is great  in the afternoon so I got inspired and took some random pictures around the house, actually I took a whole lot of random pictures so I’m dividing them into two posts.

This one  is the first!

6 Responses to “Home alone!”

  1. Lovely Dahlia’s. My favourite flower!

  2. Sam Says:

    Gosh – so necessary to have the odd afternoon off from the routine – what a darling your fella is!! Love these shots and in the next post too. At first I thought it might be your parent’s house with the retro dresser – it’s all very lovely!!

  3. cabrizette Says:

    I really love your sweet home, very nice shots… and iI love especially the doll’s house !!!

  4. Alice Says:

    How nice of Anders to let you have a day of relaxation around the house. :)

    There is your lovely dollhouse! I was also working on a project dollhouse with my professor and a fellow classmate, but of course your dollhouse is much prettier. :)

  5. brinja Says:

    Cabrizette: Thank you :)

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