Wednesday at work

September 23, 2009

23_09_09 071skal

23_09_09 079skal

23_09_09 116skal

23_09_09 104skal

23_09_09 118skal

23_09_09 093skal

23_09_09 120skal

I have had a great day in the shop with lots of nice customers and friends visiting.  These are just some random pictures I took along the day. The porcelain mannequin head broke a long time ago and I glued the pieces together one by one, after getting used to it like this, I have grown to like it even more than before…

Note: You can read the  article about my mini-home here!

8 Responses to “Wednesday at work”

  1. linstyle Says:

    If I’m ever in Copenhagen…I love everything on that rack and mannequin! the gloves, too…

  2. ana Says:

    It would be interesting to weave the carpet. You may get some inspiration on this blog

    Nice article :)

  3. ana Says:

    P.S. I am one step closer to coming to Copenhagen. I bought Lonley’s Encounter travel guide and showed my boyfriend, that there are two g-star stores there :) to motivate him.

  4. looks like a great shop
    love the little cat

  5. lina Says:

    i love the cat : )

  6. Sam Says:

    Oooh! I love shop posts – I feel like I’m sort of there – well nearly! Wish I could just pop over!!

  7. Alice Says:

    I love the cat cellphone/mp3 case holder! it’s so cute!! did you make that? :)

    Your porcelain mannequin has character don’t you think? :)

  8. brinja Says:

    Ana: What a pretty blog! Thanks… I hope manage to convince your boyfriend :)

    Alice: I didn´t make the cat-phone-holder from scratch but I did customize with some buttons and applications. I’m glad you like it :)

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