Luckily the wood has gone lost

September 25, 2009



Last night I finished  the miniature-house dining room chairs. I made the seats (out of very thick cardboard) a long time ago, but couldn’t decide how to make the legs. I ended up folding them in metal wire. The reason why I didn’t  just do this at first, was that I actually didn’t think it would work out good enough. I admit they could be more detailed, but I’m satisfied with this result.

I’m having the day off and so far I’m enjoying every single second of it :-) the sky is so so blue and the sun shines beautifully trough my windows. On days like this a quiet place, a book and a cup of coffee is my idea of perfect. I’m reading a book of poems by an old friend of mine “Peter-Clement Woetmann” this book is called “Heldigvis er skoven blevet væk”=”Luckily the wood has gone lost”

6 Responses to “Luckily the wood has gone lost”

  1. Sam Says:

    Such a wonderful project Brinja!! I love updates!!

  2. Gabbi Says:

    Adorable!! I love love your miniature apartment and I adore the way your tiny green chairs look. Brinja, are you going to ultimately make a doll of yourself too??? :)

  3. Alice Says:

    that chair looks good enough to sit on! it looks exactly like your green chair. :)

  4. eames, that is so wonderful
    guess there will be a book?

  5. brinja Says:

    Gabbi: :-) I haven’t thought much about it yet, but I guess it would be in place! I’ll keep you updated…

  6. brinja Says:

    Alice: I’m glad you think so! Thanks…

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