October 23, 2009


I never use to eat candy before I got pregnant, at least not that much. Now it´s a different story I just can´t get enough….

7 Responses to “Candy”

  1. sabine Says:

    · { du har så mange fine og delikate billeder der inspirere, tillykke med omstændighederne og go weekend } ·

  2. Alice Says:

    Those licorice candies are so good! I love them! I see that you’ve got good taste in sweets as well. :)

  3. hi hi -helt det modsatte af mig :)

  4. oh, danish liquorice is just the best! enjoy! :)

  5. gracia Says:

    Adorable pic… and enjoy the sweet tooth spell.

  6. Rudegirls Says:

    Kender følelsen:-)

  7. tetabina Says:

    I know that feeling Brinja. i was pregnant during the winter time and ate tons of icecream.

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