What Stefan wore this week…

November 2, 2009


This hip guy is my father in law. Stefan surprisingly volunteered to participate on a “What I wore”-post I find that very cool!

You don’t have to be a twenty year old model to be a fashion victim on this blog, you just gotta have the X-factor!

20 Responses to “What Stefan wore this week…”

  1. Rudegirls Says:

    Det er sku i orden -godt ser han ud!

  2. lins Says:

    And he has IT! Great job, Stefan!

  3. cabrizette Says:

    Excellent Brinja !!! It’s make me smile ; )

  4. shayne Says:

    Zora has voted Friday as the best

  5. Coralene Says:

    I like Stefan’s leg on Thursday, ha. That’s sweet though!

  6. Emilia Says:

    Ha ha! Han er for sej!!

  7. Dotti Says:

    Oh, that’s far too cute for words! :)

  8. rijaH Says:

    Haha det er sgu for fedt :D Han virker jo til at være en frisk fyr :)

  9. Alice Says:

    Haha! Wonderful style!

  10. trinsch Says:

    stefan, the it-man. go stil :)

  11. Heidi Says:

    Brilliantly awesome!

  12. ne Says:

    han gør det godt – men pas nu på det ikke stiger ham til hovedet!

  13. bba Says:

    Jeg giver ne ret, men han gør det super godt.

  14. lea Says:

    jeg er enig – stefan gør det godt!

  15. Wow,he is really fashionable!!!!! :)

  16. Brigitte Says:

    Hvor fedt! Go Stefan!

  17. Sam Says:

    I love it – he’s one groovy guy!!

  18. Jane Says:

    He’s great! I especially love Thursday :-)

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