Advent calender

November 7, 2009


As I mentioned a few days ago I sell many gifts in my shop, and these days I can really fell Christmas is getting nearer, people buy small gifts for advent-calenders…

The girls that works in my shop came up with the idea to make advent-calender-solutions specially customized for the customer. Now you come into the shop and order a calender for your, mom, girlfriend, sister or yourself. You just have to tell us a little bit about the person to receive the calender; how old they are, their favourite colour and so on… then we create a calender with 24 nicely-wrapped gifts and you don’t have to run around town for presents all November!

There are two calender-prizes; one for 498kr and a bigger one for 898kr (Danish kroner)

9 Responses to “Advent calender”

  1. What a nice idea!!!!!!!Good luck!

  2. this looks so lovely! and what a great idea for your shop.

    i love advent calendars and will be making some soon…

  3. Alice Says:

    That is a great idea for your store!

    Since people are going to be busy for the Holidays, what better way than to make it more convenient for them.

  4. lins Says:

    sweet idea

  5. Rudegirls Says:

    Simpel så fin en ide!

  6. Rudegirls Says:

    Prøvede at skrive simpelhen

  7. nice idea,great gift

  8. […] 1, 2009 I have been wrapping gifts like a crazy person for two days now…. The advent-calender-solution in my shop has been a giant hit :). Ever since I put up a note in the window about the concept I have sold […]

  9. […] It’s advent calender preparation time, and the girls in my shop and I are wrapping wrapping wrapping…  Like last Christmas the personalized-24-advent-gift-calender-solution is a HIT. […]

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