What Cecilie wore this week…

November 15, 2009



This is Cecilie! -she lives in Copenhagen and writes the blog “Bakerby”. I only know Cecilie through blog-world, but found her perfect to do a fashion-post . If you like Cecilies style you should definitely visit her blog for more…

By the way; I’m still looking for contestants for these “what-I-wore-posts”, please send me an e-mail if you are interested or if you have other suggestions!

10 Responses to “What Cecilie wore this week…”

  1. I think YOU should still do “What I wore” posts yourself! Im certain you will still look stylish and lovely throughout your pregnancy!

  2. brinja Says:

    Lisa: You are so sweet! Maybe I will do a “week” sometime soon… Thanks!

  3. ne Says:

    nye sko hver dag!
    det ser ud som om hun har rødt hår om tirsdagen?
    fint, fint…

  4. lea Says:

    god stil cecilie har! jeg kan li’ alle dagene!

  5. rynkesangers Says:

    Ah, Cecilie, I love her blog!
    I like her style!

  6. Anders Says:


  7. brinja Says:

    Ne: Det har du ret i, lyset snyder vist!
    Og ja, fine nye sko hver dag, -sejt :)

  8. Rudegirls Says:

    Fin ser hun ud! Jeg er vild med de sko der er på onsdag!

  9. greenlaundry Says:

    Oh I love Cecilie’s blog!

  10. Yes, love love her style! Just found your blog through hers!
    Check mine out as well…http://the-second-look.blogspot.com

    Haley Wulfman

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