Tuesday morning luxury…

November 24, 2009

My everyday life has been different since I got pregnant, not because I have been bothered by the pregnancy in any way, but I have had much more time of from my shop than usual. And the last couple of weeks Anders has been attending a computer-course-teacher-education-thing so I don’t think we have had this much time to be with each other since before we opened the shop (2005).  This morning I woke up to breakfast in bed… I really am enjoying every single second of this lifestyle! – And I guess I should -because it wont last long :)

Happy Tuesday all. -And thank you so much for all your wonderful comments!

15 Responses to “Tuesday morning luxury…”

  1. It looks so delicious. I think that you can write a book ‘Pregnant and Fabulous’ because looking like that and eating such breakfasts are indeed fabulous :)

  2. Alexandra Says:

    lovely blog, where is your shop? I’d like to visit.

  3. anahribar Says:

    I am so showing this to my boyfriend tomorrow morning.
    thank you for this post ;) I hope it works

  4. anahribar Says:

    p.s. I am looking forward to your web shop

  5. Rynke Says:

    Oh, lovely! That would be nice to have a breakfast like that in bed! Enjoy Brinja!!

  6. Katrine Says:

    Årh… *misundelig*

  7. lina Says:

    how sweet : ) that breakfast looks really good!

  8. Maria Ana Says:

    Not only did he made you breakfast which is really sweet but also he chose just the right foods:) nhamy

  9. I try to teach my husband about breakfast in bed..is not working

  10. brinja Says:

    Alexandra: My shop is in Copenhagen at the “Islands Brygge” harbour… The adress is: Islands Brygge 21!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  11. brinja Says:

    anahribar: hihi, I really hope it works out for you! -Let me know :)

  12. Dotti Says:

    Ooooh, happy Brinja. You must have the most wonderful husband.

  13. Sam Says:

    What utter heaven that looks like!!! Enjoy!!

  14. oh that looks DIVINE honeybear :) and yus… since i became pregnacious, bed and breakfast in bed has become a seriously enjoyable place of comfort for me :)

  15. brinja Says:

    Goddess Leonie: :-) yeah, it doesn’t get much better than this! Thank you for commenting :)

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