Stomach update!

December 3, 2009

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys: IT’S A GIRL!!! (most likely)

27 Responses to “Stomach update!”

  1. Maria Ana Says:

    It looks so beautifully round :)

    Maybe I am too distracted, but is it a boy or a girl?

    Maria Ana

  2. brinja Says:

    Maria Ana: Hihi, thanks for reminding me!

  3. cabrizette Says:

    Merveilleux !!! It will be a very beautiful experience !!!
    Take Care of you. Bises

  4. Maria Ana Says:

    ahah :)but it’s true, I think it’s lovely.

    but you didn’t answer my second question: is it boy or a girl? :D

  5. brinja Says:

    Maria Ana: I added the big news in the post after you asked :) I’m having a little girl!

  6. Maria Ana Says:

    aahhh :) congratulations!

  7. Alice Says:

    Ooh! How wonderful :)

  8. lina Says:

    oh my goodness!! aww a girl : ) you look fabulous brinja!

  9. En pige ! En Datter ! Tillykke :-)

  10. Lise Says:

    Hvor dejligt med en lille pige!

  11. SusannRomy Says:

    Hvor er det dejlige nyheder! Stort tillykke!!!

  12. Beam Says:

    Uh, det bliver spændende! Håber alt går vel med maven.

  13. shayne Says:

    what a beautiful belly. love it more every time you post a new photo of it

  14. James Says:

    FLOT, flot mavse, Brinja. :)

  15. shayma Says:


    i love visiting your blog- there is smthg rather calming about it.

    best wishes for the baby, shayma

  16. tenpossible Says:

    congrats!!! from NJ, USA
    i love your blog, its so inspiring

  17. sara Says:

    Hey, jeg kom lige forbi din blog og så syntes jeg ikke at jeg kunne forlade den uden at sige tillykke, når jeg ser så fin en mave :) knus sara

  18. lins Says:

    do you know what your sister is having yet? congratulations, my girls are my best friends

  19. Rebecca Says:

    I just found your blog a week ago and i really like it. You are so creative!
    greetings from austria!

  20. tetabina Says:

    brinja…I so love to watch pregnant women stomacks. I also loved to take photos of mine.

  21. Rynke Says:

    Yeay, congratulations with your little pige!

  22. Sam Says:

    Congratulations Brinja!!!! That’s wonderful news – I’m so happy for you!!! Now that you know, you can start making cute things for her!!! XX’s

  23. Alice Says:

    Your baby bump is most beautiful. :) Congratulations for your baby girl!

  24. Congratulations! A girl! So exciting, and your bump is so round and neat!

  25. Emilia Says:

    Hurra- Piger er de bedste… Tillykke!!

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