Books from Paumes

December 9, 2009

I have been in love with with the inspiring books from Japanese “Paumes” for quite a while now but I have never found them for sale here in Denmark.  So I took the matter in my own hands and ordered them for my shop (even tough they are kind of pricey (249 Danish kroner))

My BIG problem now is how to choose between the many titles, they are all so inspiring and so very pretty.

12 Responses to “Books from Paumes”

  1. I love these books too, all the Stockholm ones are my favourites. I was paying a fortune for them in Norway but have now found them in London much cheaper. Expensive books, but SO worth it!

  2. alice Says:

    I had a little look for them in Japan but I didn’t find them. They keep coming out with great titles.

  3. Jane Says:

    They look cute. I wanna know more about the hair accessories though! and are those earrings I spot too in the second pic?

  4. PinkBow Says:

    oh wow, i love these, they are so pretty. thanks for sharing, i hadn’t heard of them before.

  5. brinja Says:

    Jane: Yes it is earrings!
    -I sell lots of different retro-plastic-earrings in rainbow colours :) I love how you can “dress up” with these without being too fancy -the plastic part brings them right down to earth :)

  6. Jane Says:

    they’re cute! visiting your shop is yet another another reason to return to Cph!! I love it so much!

  7. I”m sure you will sell them , they are great books

  8. Maria Ana Says:

    They are great! Are they in Japanese only inside?

  9. Sam Says:

    They look so sweet and cute. I wonder if our huge Japanese bookstore, Kinokunya, has them? Thanks for the post about them!!

  10. sigga Says:

    Dem onsker jeg mig til jul!!! -eller bare en …

  11. greenlaundry Says:

    I had the lucky chance of reading one volume, a friend took it out during lunch, it’s so awesome! I totally know why you’re having so much trouble picking a few :]

  12. trinsch Says:

    har lige faaet tilsendt san fransico kitchens. og vil egentlig bare gerne bo inde i den bog. eller noget der ligner :)

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