What Kasia wore this week

December 19, 2009

This is Kasia from Poland… She takes pretty pictures and lives by the sea.

I dig the flowered Wednesday and Friday -look. It’s great to see prints and colours in this cold winter weather -don’t you think?

Go here and see Kasia’s blog : Oh Blonde Ambition.

And have a happy weekend everyone!

10 Responses to “What Kasia wore this week”

  1. Jane Says:

    I love Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I love everyday!

  2. Basia Says:

    wow, cool to see my sister up there! my favourite is wednesday. I’m telling you, one day, i’m gonna steal that dress from her, just give me time…

  3. yruxullust Says:

    Oh, I love Tuesday and Friday *-*

    So beautiful clothes, the Friday t-shirt is really cute *-*

  4. Branna Says:

    I love them all! So cute…

  5. Alice Says:

    Hmm it is hard to say because I like all of them! so cute!

  6. lins Says:

    I think Tuesday is perfect.

  7. Maria Ana Says:

    I love monday and the jacket from thursday! Gorgeous:-)

  8. gracia Says:

    Thursday is my fave.

  9. Ola Says:

    it’s nice to see someone from Poland, i like friday(haha) :)

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