Stomach update!

December 20, 2009

15 Responses to “Stomach update!”

  1. Smukt, smukt, smukt!!
    Hvor er det dejligt og spændende for dig! Det er så ubeskriveligt fantastisk at få fingrene i sådan en lille basse, der gemmer sig inden i maven.

  2. so pretty
    have a wonderful christmas time

  3. shayne Says:

    you look GREAT!!

  4. lins Says:

    incredible style

  5. Du har altså den dejligste mave :-)

  6. lina Says:

    woo hoo brinja! looking good!

  7. Katrine Says:

    SÅ fin! Glædelig jul!

  8. Maria Ana Says:

    You look stunning!

  9. Branna Says:

    juhuuuu…so chic tummy in stripes. :)

  10. Brit Says:

    Fun fun, you look great!!

  11. Alice Says:

    Wow. You are pregnant and still looking fabulous!! :)

  12. Such a cute little tummy! I wish you,Anders and the bump a very merry christmas!

  13. bri Says:

    I really enjoy your socks/boots combination.

  14. Rudegirls Says:

    Så fin så fin

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