Miniature home…

January 6, 2010

I have seriously neglected my mini-home lately and I’m drowning in things that has to be re-placed or re-done down there…

This baby in my belly is already making it harder for me to get things done. -Both because I’m really tired most of the time, but also because I’m slowly starting to rearrange our real-live-home and make it more baby-friendly.  I’m tidying up closets and shelf’s to make more room for all the baby-stuff  that has already begun to sneak in here.

Anyway our home looks different than usual and it’s probably going to continue to change for a while forward so my motivation towards the mini-home has left me for a while. Hopefully it’ll be back again soon…

5 Responses to “Miniature home…”

  1. Alice Says:

    I hope you are doing okay, just take one thing at time and don’t overstress yourself. Your health is most important and also your growing baby.

    Your miniature home is still lovely, you have nothing to worry about on that. Just remember that our homes will always get messy at times…and you will always have times to clean up!

    I like your lounge pants…they look like zebra print…

  2. katrina Says:

    i just looked through your miniature archives — they’re amazing and look so… real. i’m a huge fan of miniatures, too and collect some japanese minis.

  3. Maria Ana Says:

    Just take everything slowly. The mini home is a huge project (i like the contradiction=)eheh) and is always in progress. And now you have a baby project:D

  4. jokemijn Says:

    your mini-home is amazing! i remember starting one myself when i was 12. I made our bathroom entirily out of cardboard, but it took so long to get this finished that i lost my faith. I’m really impressed you keep up with it!

  5. […] thing in the mini-home that needs replacement is the sofa. When I was pregnant I became aware of how bad it was to sit in. […]

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