What Katrina wore this week

January 23, 2010

This is Katrina from Millbrae, California. She hosts the very pretty blog Pugly Pixel and when I recently discovered her blog I instantly fell in love with her style .

Katrina is a tomboy by heart, greatly inspired by menswear, but  she like’s to wear such pieces balanced by some feminine detail (ie. a pearl bracelet, floral earrings, red lipstick, or a satin pink headband…). Katrina’s first style influence was Andie (played by Molly Ringwald) in Pretty in Pink and her ultimate fashion icons are Katharine Hepburn and Diane Keaton.

I know I can’t keep saying this; but I really think this is one of the best fashion-weeks I’ve shown you.

16 Responses to “What Katrina wore this week”

  1. lins Says:

    She is fabulous!

  2. […] am happy and honored to be featured at Brinja’s blog this week for her fashion series called What I Wore This Week. Thank you, […]

  3. greenlaundry Says:

    hoyhoy it’s Katrina! she really has her own sense of style which makes it so refreshing to see.

  4. Branna Says:

    Yeah, it`s the best fashion week for me, too! ;) Everything is so cool!

  5. Maria Ana Says:

    She looks so amazing!! I’m in love wth every outfit!

  6. Dotti Says:

    A cool gal!

    By the way: it was fun to have you here for my party! Thanks for coming. Next time at your place? ;)
    Love, Dotti

  7. jokemijn Says:

    i love her friday-outfit

  8. Sher Says:

    Katrina is one of the sweetest lady I’ve met through blog-land:)

  9. Julie J Says:

    I love friday too, she looks great :D

  10. Katrine Says:

    Great style. Thursday is my favourite.

  11. PinkBow Says:

    i love katrina, thursday is my favourite day here

  12. Alice Says:

    Wow, I absolutely love her style! I am in love with every one of them!

    She is totally awesome! :)

  13. trinsch Says:

    oh, god! she is my new style icon. i love this. especially thursday. that’s the best best. ever.

  14. brinja Says:

    Dotti: Deal!

  15. katrina Says:

    brinja, many thanks again for this lovely feature. :)

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