What Skipper wore this week!

January 31, 2010

Skipper is Barbie’s little sister she lives in a pretty case on my bookshelf. She was born in 1963 and used to belong to my dad’s younger siblings. My sister and I have been playing with Skipper (and her twin sister) every Sunday when we were kids visiting our grandma and grandpas place.  And after my grandparents died some years ago Skipper mowed into our house.

She has got fabulous taste and one of the most brilliant things about her wardrobe is that my dad designed and sewed part of it as a kid -I must have inherited my sewing skills from him.

The knitted cardigans are done by my grandma, but I’m pretty sure my dad made the Friday-skin coat plus a few other things not shown here.

16 Responses to “What Skipper wore this week!”

  1. Stéphanie Says:

    Brinja ! I adore !!!

  2. Yruxullust Says:

    I love it! It’s so wonderful.

    I love old dolls, they’re so cute.

    The Friday coordinate it’s the best for me

  3. lea Says:

    fantastisk, intet mindre! hvor er det sejt : )

  4. And what a adorably well dressed young lady she is! I love the blue and white dress.


  5. Alice Says:

    Wow, this is so cute!!! I remembering playing with Skipper’s older sister Barbie when I was younger.

    It was when I started playing with Teenage Skipper that stopped playing with Barbie.

    Wednesday is my favorite b/c I have some articles of clothing that resembles what Skipper is wearing. :P

  6. Miriam Says:

    That is so sweet. The Friday look is great.

  7. Suzie Says:

    LOL – I love it! Excellent twist on your regular feature! And very impressed that your dad made some of her clothes. My dad can’t even boil an egg!

  8. Emma Says:

    Oh, I love the wednesday outfit!

  9. PinkBow Says:

    fantastic, such a great idea :)

  10. Dotti Says:

    Brinja, that’s my favourite “What xyz wore” post ever! Skipper is such a well-dressed girl. And I love the story that come along. Did you know I also sewed my Barbie’s dresses myself? She even used to have wooden furniture I crafted with my grandfather. She used to sleep in a bunkbed… ;)

  11. Maria Ana Says:

    Brinja, this is like the cutest What I wore post! A doll:) and such a well-cared for one. Lovely :)

  12. Reg Says:

    Skipper was always my fav. Love the post.

  13. jane Says:

    hahahah, what an original take on ‘what i wore’. I like wednesday best :-)

  14. That’s pretty cute :o).

  15. Karen Marie Says:

    Tak for den tur ned af barndommens gade :0) Skipper var min et og alt, dog uden alt det fantastiske tilbehør du der kan diske op med:0)

  16. Kathleen Says:

    I’d recognize that red bathing suit anywhere! My mom has the same Skipper! She ended up in our Barbie box so I have played with her when I was younger. But unlike your Skipper, ours has short hair. One day my mom came home from school and her mother had cut Skippers hair! She was devastated, but she still hang on to her doll.

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