What Young wore this week

February 7, 2010

Ohh, pretty pretty pretty…. I have met ‘Young‘ via ‘Lea‘ through blog-land. She’s from Copenhagen, Denmark like me! Go visit her blog ‘Half girl’ -it’s worth it!

Anders and I have spend our weekend here. I’m tired today and I’m gonna spend the rest of it on the couch…

17 Responses to “What Young wore this week”

  1. lea Says:

    så fin, så fin hun er : )

  2. bba Says:

    Wednesday and thursday is my favorite.

  3. Katrine Says:

    Young er cool og har de fineste ben! :)

  4. Lisa P. Says:

    Hi, Brinja! My sister just told me about your blog. It’s so cool! I love the fashion week photos and seeing all the things you come up with. I’m a creative type, but need some help in the fashion department, so I’m finding this so inspiring. Best of luck with your coming baby–we are expecting, too!

  5. Svenja Says:

    Young has a lovely style and i really like her blog! Thank you so much for this tipp!

  6. PinkBow Says:

    she has a great blog, thanks for the intro :)

  7. lins Says:

    Tuesday is so cute; I like the sweet, innocent look for this spring.

  8. katrina Says:

    young’s outfits and photos always INSPIRE — she’s wonderful!

  9. nico Says:

    very pretty and a great blog,thank you for the tip.

  10. Maria Ana Says:

    She looks sweet

  11. young Says:

    Tusind tak for invitationen, Brinja!
    Meget skørt at se sig selv poppe op i google reader :)

  12. greenlaundry Says:

    Brinja, you’re awesome! You’ve featured so many of my favourite bloggers thus far! Monday, Thursday and Friday are my absolute favourites.

  13. […] Brinja bought babbu items, and I’m happy to see them here. […]

  14. brinja Says:

    greenlaundry: yay, that makes me so happy :)… Maybe you’re up for a fashion-post your self? Would be great!

  15. brinja Says:

    Young: Hihi ja, det må være lidt skægt! Tak fordi du ville være med, det var alletiders :)

  16. brinja Says:

    Lisa P.: Thanks a lot! I’m glad you stopped by :)

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