February 26, 2010

My shop is looking ‘Springish’ -but the outside world is still a cold grey mess. I was overwhelmed by all your sweet birthday wishes yesterday; thank you so much! Having a blog makes birthdays much more fun.

Have to run of now but I’ll be back soon…

7 Responses to “Ballerinas”

  1. Maria Ana Says:

    ohhh, I love the “petrol blue” ones!!!!

  2. Alice Says:

    Wow, I actually like all the colors! I esp like the mint green ones for some reason. So cute!

  3. PinkBow Says:

    those shoes are so so pretty, i live in ballerinas. happy belated birthday :)

  4. Linda Says:

    De bliver så fine at gå foråret i møde i. God weekend.

  5. Yruxullust Says:

    I love those ballerinas. They colors are so beautiful,

  6. Piper Says:

    These shoes are just so perfectly adorable…and what great colors. I think my favorite is the green ones though!

  7. Branna Says:

    Happy belated birthday! It seems that you are so grown up (I totally respect it) – in my country an average 27 year old still study, live with parents (mama hotel), own home is an illusion (very expensive, high unemployment…) – and even independent 20 and something people fight hard to escape all ill tradition (society makes such people) that make young people incapable to live without parents…
    I`m looking forward to your posts – maybe you`ll write someday what is Danish recipe for happiness (I`ve read that Danes are the happiest nation on Earth) :). Maybe one of the reason is in early leaving from home nest and making one of your own.
    Sorry for all english mistakes.

    And now about post: ballerinas are my favourite shoes, but who cares that I`m not like Audrey Hepburn, I still wear them. These shoes rules!

    Sunny greetings from `down under`!

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