What Anders wore this week

February 28, 2010

The fashion posts on this blog is in serious lack of men! Anders has done a ‘fashion-week’ before but it’s a long time ago.

I’m constantly looking for new ‘models’ so place send me some photos if you’re up for it!

7 Responses to “What Anders wore this week”

  1. lins Says:

    Nice boots.
    I like ’em all. Friday looks especially “Dad” or whatever you say in Denmark! ;-)

  2. ne Says:

    virkelig gode poses…men det virker som om han trækker maven lige lidt rigeligt ind på close-up #1….

  3. Allison Says:

    Tuesday’s sweater is great! I think my favorite outfit is Wednesday though, it looks really fun.

  4. Yruxullust Says:

    I love Anders’ cardigans, they’re so cool, specially the blue/grey one

  5. PinkBow Says:

    fantastic – that’s a stylish guy you got there :)

  6. Maria Ana Says:

    He looks sweet and shy:) I love that his style is a nordic one, I could tell by looking at him. Love monday and tuesday!

  7. Nadine Says:

    my favorite is thursday. very cool! i think i’ll get one of those cardigans for my bf =)

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