Happy Easter everyone!

April 4, 2010

A quick ‘Hi’ from us!

All good here. Feels like we are slowly getting back to the surface… These days Vilja follows us around the house in her tiny yellow crib, she sleeps most of her time and we try to do the same.

Happy Easter out there!

19 Responses to “Happy Easter everyone!”

  1. shayne Says:

    such cute toes

  2. Brit Says:

    Beautiful crib!

  3. Branna Says:

    Oh, little, tiny feet! :)

  4. akvarij Says:

    I love her name: Vilja. It sounds so nice.

  5. Alice Says:

    Aw, so cute! Look how tiny her feet are!

  6. Judith Says:

    Oh look at this tiny foot! How sweet :)

  7. fantastisk seng! åhhhh jeg håber i har det godt og nyder roen!

  8. Niels E Says:

    det ser ud til at hun har fod på det…

  9. Catarina Says:

    Little and beautiful Vilja! Congratulations for your lovely daughter:) Like her crypt!

  10. Jane Says:

    Her little toes are too cute. I hope you had a great Easter.

  11. Maria Ana Says:

    Your home looks so cosy:) and baby feet are the cutest things ever! I always touch their feet:)

  12. irene Says:

    happy easter :)

  13. svanna Says:

    Stort tillykke med hende:o)
    Vilja er det islandsk?
    På færøskt betyder det vilje – SMUKT!

  14. PinkBow Says:

    oh wow, i just adore babies little feet, so cute. very cosy.

  15. Aurelia Says:

    She’s so teeny weeny!

    p.s. A ‘crypt’ is a underground burial chamber. I think you meant ‘crib’.


  16. brinja Says:

    Aurelia: Ups! thank you so much :)

  17. brinja Says:

    Svanna: Jeg har haft lidt svært ved at finde navnets præcise oprindelse, men er helt bestemt nordisk.

  18. Hortensia Says:

    Vilken supersöt liten flicka! Grattis!
    I Finland är Vilja också ett traditionellt finskt namn och betyder “säd” (alla olika sädesslag).

  19. brinja Says:

    Hortensia: Ja, det var også hvad jeg fandt frem til -Tak! På dansk hedder ‘säd’ ‘Korn’ :)

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