Green vest

April 24, 2010

Can you believe I knitted this tiny vest, I fell so proud :)  It was my number three knitting project and it contains a few flaws but hey; it’s home-made.

You can find easy instructions on how to knit it here (only in Danish -sorry)

17 Responses to “Green vest”

  1. Miri Says:

    For a number three project this is perfect! Knitting is so difficult, I’ll never ever finish the scarf I started the winter before last winter. :(

  2. lea Says:

    hvor er den fin – godt gået! og seje bukser : )

  3. Alice Says:

    Wow! That is a great color! Vilja is pointing to her vest thinking “look what mommmy made for me!” :)

  4. ilovemyhouse Says:

    OMG this is sooo cute! Your baby is beautiful, you must be in love. xx

  5. heodeza Says:

    What a pretty little vest – love how it matches the pants!

  6. pkjb Says:

    too adorable for words! ck :) x

  7. irene Says:

    oh, this vest is lovely – and i LOVE vilja’s flower pants!

  8. Nadine Says:

    i wish i could knit… whatever, but its too difficult for me. but you have such a lovely supermodel to show your selfmade baby fashion ;-)

  9. Malene Says:

    Hvor er hun bedårende. Elsker hendes navn :)

  10. She looks so sweet in her lovely vest! Vilja is a beauty!

  11. Hildur Says:

    Du er dygtig. Jeg er stolt af dig, når det kun er dit tredje projekt! Øvelse gør jo meste :)

  12. Karen Says:

    Hvor er hun bare dejlig – et forsinket tillykke:)

  13. Maria Ana Says:

    Looks really good to me:)
    She is so cute and looks at the camera with great attention, smart girl!

  14. cabrizette Says:

    Oh, yes, you can be proud !!! Lovely little girl in a lovely knit Congratulations !!!

  15. lina Says:

    oh wow! i am so impressed! so nice brinja : )

  16. Sigga Says:

    Super cool!

  17. Alexandra Says:

    The vest is so cute… but anyway nothing could look bad in that model =)

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