quality time

May 1, 2010

Hihi… I’m glad to hear you like baby posts because I have so many pictures to show you.

Once again here are the two little cousins Vilja (to the left) and Paisley.

Note: My shop is still open every day, I have four wonderful girls hired to take care of it for me. One of these girls I even met though blog-world, pretty web2.0-cool huh? Go see Linda’s blog here! Malene who made a pretty fabulous fashion post a while back is also one of the girls.

16 Responses to “quality time”

  1. shayne Says:

    it is always nice to have a baby buddy and it being your sister is even better. My sister and I have now 6 year olds that are 3.5 months apart

  2. Brit Says:

    Aww so precious!

  3. Grace Says:

    Hi, it is my first time leave you a message, I enjoy your baby picture very much, they are very cute:)

    Beside that I am living in Silkeborg, DK.
    Nice to meet you here.

  4. heodeza Says:

    I definitely love baby posts!

    These two little ladies are absolutely adorable.

  5. lina Says:

    i love this! so adorable. i especially love the last photo. yawn! : )

  6. Maria Ana Says:

    How cute are they and their little clothes? :) lovely!

  7. Karlijn Says:

    Wow, what a cute pictures yet again! I’ll stop by in the shop at the end of May when I’m visiting Kopenhagen!

  8. brinja Says:

    Karlijn: Hey that’s great :) I’m glad to hear.

  9. brinja Says:

    Grace: Hi there, thanks for your comment. I just saw your blog (and made you a link) Nice to meet you to :)

  10. brinja Says:

    Shayne: Yeah I fell so lucky to have my sister and little Paisley near by. Just perfect :) I guess you and your sister must fell the same.

  11. lins Says:

    They are the so sweet and angelic. I have twin fraternal girls, so I love to look at these almost twins. You aren’t married to brothers are you??? haha

  12. Caroline Says:

    They really look like twins in the top photo! How sweet!!

  13. Rudegirls Says:

    De er jo søde de to små myr!!!

  14. Hildur Says:

    De er så søde. Måske jeg ser Vilja på torsdag? Man har jo altid lov til at håbe ;)

  15. brinja Says:

    Hildur: Ja, det er der vist gode chancer for :) glæder mig!

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