Okay here goes…

May 7, 2010

As most of you know my miniature home has been pushed aside by my this miniature-person lately. It has been standing on top of a closet for quite a while now and when I took it down today I realized that I have changed A LOT of stuff in our home since the last time I worked on it. Most of the furnitures has been removed or replaced and quite a few baby-items like a nursing-table, a rocking horse and a tiny bench has sneaked inhere meanwhile. Now I have this sudden urge to empty the house completely and start all over -just for the fun of it!

And now to the mystery box from yesterday. As I said it was from Poland and more specifically it was from a fellow blogger of mine ‘Aga Plieth’. Imagine how surprised  I was when I opened this present? ‘Aga Plieth’ made me a perfect miniature-copy of Vilja’s  yellow crib.

I had such a busy day yesterday that I only had time to open it right before I went to bed and I became so excited about this gesture that I almost couldt’n fall asleep afterwords.

Thank you so much ‘Aga Plieth‘ your present blew me away.

And just to keep you guys tuned; this was not the only thing in the surprise package, I’ll show you more soon.

16 Responses to “Okay here goes…”

  1. lins Says:

    just favorited her site!

  2. bba Says:

    Fantastic gift.

  3. Katrine Ny Says:

    Ej hvor vildt! Kan godt forstå, du blev overrasket. Det er jo totalt sødt, at der har siddet én i Polen og lavet Viljas vugge i miniature-størrelse! Sejt. :)

  4. heodeza Says:

    Oh wow: this is an amazing present!
    It looks so perfectly similar to the real one!


  5. Adri Says:

    It’s perfect! I love your miniature house and hope to see more changes soon =D

  6. Maria Ana Says:

    She is so talented! It’s perfect!

  7. pkjb Says:

    cute – such an amazing project. ck :) x

  8. Aga Says:

    I’m so glad you like it:):):)

  9. Catarina Says:

    Marvelous, lucky girl!

  10. PinkBow Says:

    wow, wow, wow. what a great gift. i do love your miniature house!

  11. jane Says:

    wow, that’s such a great gift! how nice that someone was so thoughtful. cant wait to see the house when you’ve made the changes to it.

  12. What a gift! I can’t wait to see the mini-house now!

  13. aw – this is so, so super cute!

  14. Anne Says:

    Great gift..! Looking forward to new posts on the mini-home.

  15. ANNA Says:

    i am impressed… beautyful work!

  16. […] yellow bird friend is a handmade gift from ‘Aga Plieth’ who also created the miniature crib! Posted by brinja Filed in Home Leave a Comment […]

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