Wonder what she’s thinking?

May 8, 2010

14 Responses to “Wonder what she’s thinking?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    This is such a funny facial expression ;).

  2. Brit Says:

    How funny! YES, Im wondering what she’s thinking!

  3. Bless her! Vilja looks like she has seen something shocking! Love the hands too!

  4. heodeza Says:

    I think she just realized it was going to be Mothers’ Day in less than 24hours and she didn’t have a present ready yet!
    Hehehe… Happy Mothers’ Day, brinja!

  5. brinja Says:

    Hedoza: Ha ha ha, you might be right :) Thanks!

  6. Maria Ana Says:

    She is so cute I just melted! Her look is so funny and her clothes adorable:-) She might be thinking about her surroundings: colours, sounds, voices. Too much information!

  7. Ha ha Hun tænker nu laver jeg lige et tosset ansigt så min mor stopper med at fortografere mig:-)

  8. brinja Says:

    Emilia: hihi, ja sikkert! :)

  9. Nadine Says:

    Oh really, it was your first Mothers ‘Day =) Gratulations!!

    I love her colorful dresses. Have you made them all by yourself?

  10. Natalia Says:

    O, she is so cute and lovely here! Don’t know, what she had seen, but definitely she was very surprised at that :).

  11. Emma Says:

    Oh elle est trop belle, I think she is thinking what a wonderful blog her mother has! Emma à paris :-)

  12. Ioewe Says:

    She reminds me of my sister when she was baby. :)

  13. She’s lovely and her dress too!

  14. Saskia Says:

    Vilja is really a lovely baby! Such a funny face! :)

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