May 10, 2010

First thing in the mini-home that needs replacement is the sofa. When I was pregnant I became aware of how bad it was to sit in. For a few weeks we pushed it aside and placed a big mattress on the floor. Then the day before Vilja was born we bought a new much bigger and softer couch that I practically live in it these days. Sadly this mini-leather-version gotta go.

4 Responses to “Mini”

  1. Hildur Says:

    Og den sofa I har nu er bare mums! Det er min soveplads, når jeg kommer på besøg :)

  2. beam Says:

    Åh, til lykke med den lille. Har haft lidt andet i tankerne de sidste par uger (min far er død :o(), men supermeget til lykke! Håber hun tér sig pænt, men mon ikke.

  3. sandra lund Says:

    Den er ellers fin den lille læddersag, den må på minimuseum så :-)

  4. heodeza Says:

    Wow: this is amazing! I never knew the mini-apartment had so many details. These little magazines and books are incredible!!

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