Happy Thursday

May 13, 2010

Anders is back from camp and we have the day off (ascension of Jesus)

-I’m happy!

7 Responses to “Happy Thursday”

  1. rijaH Says:

    Er godt nok jaloux på din store bogsamling ja og reolen også ;)

  2. anna Says:

    Happy ascension day! She looks adorable:)

  3. Hildur Says:

    Glædelig torsdag og forlænget weekend til jer :)
    Det var hyggeligt at besøge jer, se den lille og nyde lækker lakseret.
    Vi havde en god tur på K3.
    Vi ringes snart ved! Husk det er Mormors fødselsdag idag ^^

  4. whitney Says:

    that looks like a nice spot to take a nap!

  5. Yasmin Says:

    Soooo cute :) Sleeping Babys are amazing, watching them beats hours of Yoga-Lessons, haha.

    Brinja, what kind of Couch is that and where did you buy it? Any hints? ;) Looks super-comfy!

    Greets from Berlin!

  6. brinja Says:

    Yasmin: I bought it at this store in Copenhagen: http://www.aisen.dk/ but this is the brand: http://www.saxoliving.com/
    It’s a great sofa, very comfy :)

  7. gracia Says:

    What a great little spot for catching zzzz…

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