Sweet grandma far away

May 28, 2010

Vilja’s great grandma (my mums mum) lives far away from us, even though Denmark is a small country she hasn’t been able to visit Copenhagen to see her two new grandchildren yet because of a broken hip. We talk on the phone almost every day and once a week I make a collection of pictures for her to see what Vilja and her cousin has been up to.

I’m off to post a letter to my sweet grandma far far away…

Happy weekend everyone!

9 Responses to “Sweet grandma far away”

  1. irene Says:

    the pictures are really nice :) i think she’ll miss her grandchild!

  2. looks like your little girl has to go to see her granny..first trip!!

  3. this is such a sweet thing to do – i bet she cherishes these photos and they will help the healing process as well!

    happy weekend…

  4. cabrizette Says:

    a big hug to you… so sorry.

  5. Catarina Says:

    So sweet of you! Vilja is gorgeous:)

  6. Maria Ana Says:

    This is so sweet of you!

  7. […] is a picture taken especially for next weeks letter to grandma. Hihi big smiles and staged poses. Now even I can see how much we look alike. Posted by brinja […]

  8. greenlaundry Says:

    It’s so good and sweet of you to keep grandma updated :) I hope a trip materializes soon enough!

  9. […] This is definitely a grandma worthy photo right? Posted by brinja Filed in Family, Vilja, me Leave a Comment […]

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