Family portrait

June 2, 2010

This is a picture taken especially for next weeks letter to grandma. Hihi big smiles and staged poses. Now even I can see how much we look alike.

15 Responses to “Family portrait”

  1. Milla Says:

    It is really amazing how much you look alike!! Interesting to see in the future if the cousins will do, too. Beautiful people!

  2. ne Says:

    who’s who?

  3. Ju Says:

    Soooo sweet!

  4. Hildur Says:

    Mine to smukke søstre. Jeg glæder mig til at se jer efter mine eksaminer! <3

  5. lins Says:

    adorable times four !!!!

  6. Jane Says:

    Four beautiful girls!

  7. nico Says:

    beautiful,two generations in the double,
    your granny must be very proud :-)

  8. Stephanie Says:

    so alike, just like my younger brother and me! the babies are so cute(the ladies too)! :)

  9. rijaH Says:

    Hold op hvor i ligner hinanden :D Virkelig sødt billede :)

  10. Dotti Says:

    You four girls are making me smile this morning.

  11. Muriel Says:

    great picture!!

  12. too sweet! she’ll be very happy :)

  13. Grace Says:

    The babies look alike too….they are very cute.

  14. Ina Says:

    Hvor ser i søde ud :)
    Et meget forsinket tillykke til jer begge2
    kh Ina :D

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