Pretty food

June 4, 2010

Lunch at ‘lé lé’

7 Responses to “Pretty food”

  1. Hildur Says:

    Det ser lækkert ud! ;)

  2. Louise Says:

    Nu har du gjort mig helt sulten – jeg elsker lê lê’s mad, men det er alt for længe siden, jeg sidst har været der.

  3. Patty Says:

    Is that Vietnamese pho? Yum!

  4. maria Says:

    it looks so good!

  5. brinja Says:

    Patty: It is :) -Yumm!

  6. greenlaundry Says:

    ooh, gonna steal that trick with the lemon :D

  7. maru Says:

    I love lé lé! I think I ate there every other day when I was in Copenhagen.

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