June 10, 2010

Today is Ander’s dad’s birthday and we had lunch plus this strawberry-birthday-cake with the size of a football. Have you ever seen a strawberry cake this tall?

14 Responses to “Strawberry-birthday-cake”

  1. anna Says:

    No, but I want one right now :)!

  2. lina Says:

    oh my! this cake looks absolutely amazing!!

  3. Allison Says:

    never ever!

  4. Nadine Says:

    i love strawberry(cakes)… it looks soo yummy. (mental note: make a strawberry-football-cake this weekend!!)

  5. Hildur Says:

    Et forsinket tillykke til Stefan fra Dragør :)

  6. irene Says:

    this cake looks amazing, i’d like to eat a slice!

  7. Mette Says:

    Umm, hvor lækkert! Meget imponerende jordbærkage. Min datter havde også fødselsdag igår og jeg drømte i smug om jordbærkage, men synes alligevel ikke, at jeg kunne snyde en 2-årige for en lagkage ;)

    Skøn blog du har :)

  8. That cake looks beautiful and delicious!

  9. keatleyandco Says:

    It looks wonderful! Very pretty. Did you have some cream with it? Or was there cream inside the cake?

  10. Sigga Says:

    Tillykke til Stefan. En rigtig fodbold kage, rød hvide farver så er der lagt i ovnen til VM:-)

  11. brinja Says:

    keatleyandco: Absolutely no need for cream :) lots and lots of cream inside!

  12. carinEssentials Says:

    Wow, it looks great and so appropriate with all the football world championship starting. … Strawberries are a great fruit, I love them at the moment as part of my breakfast.

  13. jokemijn Says:

    never! and it looks delicious!

  14. Aldrig. Men det bliver den bestemt ikke mindre lækker af ;)

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