What Vilja wore this week

June 20, 2010

Here she is; my chubby little wonder! She’s twelve weeks old now -and WOW things are going fast. Already she’s twice as big as the day she was born and also twice as funny, she ‘talks’ all the time and makes lots of silly faces.

Vilja’s Monday-suit was a present from her grandparents (my in-laws) the Monday hat is hand-knit by Vilja’s other granny (my step mum). The Wednesday dog-tee is from the boys department of H&M and the rest og her clothes are second hand.

24 Responses to “What Vilja wore this week”

  1. Miri Says:

    Awww, she’s so cute!

  2. ohhhappy Says:

    Hun er simpelthen så fin!
    Jeg er ret vild hunde-blusen, den er bare sej!

  3. heodeza Says:

    Adorable! Just adorable!

  4. Grace Says:

    she is so lovely….love all the clothing on here.

  5. ne Says:

    har hun en blog?

  6. hi vilja, i have to say you are pretty stylish!

    p.s.: i love your cheeky thursday grin…

  7. Catarina Says:

    Oh, she’s great,what a stylish girl and she seems so happy and funny:)

  8. Julie J Says:

    genialt indlæg, hvor er hun skøn :D

  9. lins Says:

    From folkloric prints to demure dots, cool “menswear” to edgy over-the-knee socks, Vilja manages to look “effortlessly chic” every day of the week !!!

  10. Jane Says:

    I love the dog t-shirt. Wednesday is probably my favorite. She has gotten so big.. (and even cuter as well!)

  11. Alice Says:

    This is so cute! I love that cute little dress on Tuesday! Momma knows how to dress her baby! :D

  12. irene Says:

    wow, she’s a little fashion victim! i love her friday outfit most :)

  13. Nadine Says:

    i always enjoyed your “what … wore this week” very much, but this post made me laugh out loud. what a cute supermodel!!!!! monday is my favorite, but i also love the dog-tee (not to mention the thursday smile)

  14. anna Says:

    Sweet little fashionqueen :) love the outfits!

  15. sasa Says:

    I love your blog and the little one in super sweet!

  16. Brit Says:

    How cuuute!!! I love the dog tee, looks like a boxer! :) I’m a fan of the tuesday and wednesday outfit!

  17. Lise Says:

    Nå, hvor er hun skøn:-)

  18. Rike Says:

    Very very cute. How could I enlarge the picture, or could you do it, so one can see better the lovely outfits? Would be great!! Thank you!

  19. cabrizette Says:

    a new fashion victim !!!! Excellent !

  20. Stephanie ;) Says:

    so cute! I love this post! :)

  21. maria Ana Says:

    I can’t believe you did this thread with Vilja!
    Way too cute. And I love that almost everything she is wearing is second hand or handmade:)

  22. brinja Says:

    Rike: It’s not possible to enlarge the picture -sorry, know it’s hard to really see the outfits like this. Great day to you!

  23. Sigga Says:

    Fin det er min niece:-)

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