June 23, 2010

7 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Adri Says:

    How cute *w* It’s a beautiful pic, and Vilja looks so funny

  2. whitney Says:

    is she yawning? cute! i like her hat too – we need to find one similar to this for our baby! she is going to sunburn very badly if we don’t… :(

  3. Louise Says:

    Great picture!

  4. Saskia Says:

    Really great!! I love the hat and Vilja’s facial expression. :)

  5. Shamini Says:

    how cute!

  6. Alice Says:

    This is such a cute picture! And what a great hat! ;)

  7. maria Ana Says:

    She already looks like a girl not just a baby. How cute is that?

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