What Whitney wore this week

July 3, 2010

I proudly present to you: Whitney from  Portland, Oregon. Her blog is called ‘Reed Reeder’ go visit! -its really worth it.

10 Responses to “What Whitney wore this week”

  1. heodeza Says:

    Wonderful style!
    Love it!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I love her clothes!

  3. lina Says:

    love her style! favorite is wednesday. & awesome mocasins on thursday : )

  4. Alice Says:

    Wow I love her style and her hair! She’s so cute. :)

  5. irene Says:

    i really love whitney’s style. i’d wear any of these outfits :)

  6. lins Says:

    scarf with a tshirt is a cute idea–gotta try it; the dress and outfit on tuesday is really cute, too

  7. bba Says:

    I love all her clothes.

  8. Jane Says:

    Someone very close to where I live! I love all her outfits!

  9. Allison Says:

    I love her style and her haircut is super cute too! I might like to do one of these What___ wore this week things sometime! How do I go about signing up? : D

  10. brinja Says:

    Allison: you’re on! I’ll send you an e-mail :)

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