Birthday party

July 19, 2010

1: Anders birthday last Saturday. Sigga and Mikkel.

2: Lobster soup.

3: Holding hands and wearing birthday dresses. Vilja (left), April (right).

4: Uncooked  red-fish.

13 Responses to “Birthday party”

  1. Hildur Says:

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen Anders!
    Jeg var i Italien, så jeg fik ikke skrevet en tillykke-sms på selve dagen :)

  2. keatleyandco Says:

    The two girls together look so cute. Their holding hands :)

  3. Katrine Ny Says:

    Vilja og April er altså ikke til at stå for!!!

  4. irene Says:

    the two girls are so sweet together :)

  5. heodeza Says:

    I love how Vilja is sucking her thumb… so cute!

  6. Det da for dejligt det billde hvor de holder i hånden!! Lige til scrapbogen!

  7. Nadine Says:

    i always love your pics. they are so colorful and full of happiness and love (and good food ;)). i love the baby dresses!!

  8. Maria Ana Says:

    Happy birthday for Anders!
    Your food looks always so delicious and simple!
    And the girls are looking cuter every day:)

  9. Alice Says:

    mmm! great food! Wish I could have been at the party!!

    How cute! the girls are holding arms! :D

  10. bobbi Says:

    I’m a bit too late, but happy birthday to Anders!! The little girls are too cute for words…

  11. Sigga Says:

    Det var en god fødselsdag! Fint billede af pigerne hva!

  12. Luna Says:

    the two babies ar just beautiful!

  13. ne Says:

    tillykke til Anders

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